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Hello From the Dead

Hello Sibunas!
Sorry for not posting for a VERY long time, but I’m trying to get back on track.
I’m kinda remodeling my tumblr, like my theme, and adding a submit.(the posts will remain the same style)

heatrtlandanubis-deactivated201 asked: Hi i was wondering what app you use to create your pics i have seen it being used before. Pleease x

Well, I use three apps, but I don’t give them away due to some people who copy and repost.



daily-inspirational-deactivated asked: Hi i have created a blog like yours i was wondering how to get lots of followers and get noticed. Any ideas? Xx thanks

Well, make sure to post everyday. I try my best to queue my items, so everyday something will be posted. Also, make the posts look original, and your own. On your personal, tell others about your blog so they could follow it. Reblog every single thing on your personal for more publicity.

Sorry, this isn’t a whole lot of advice, but I hope this has come in handy!


houseofanubisfan asked: A suggestion for you: "We Love HOA Because Of @BradKavanagh"


troianslucy asked: HEY! Your a fan! CHECK US OUT YO!~Anubis House

Of course! Sibuna!

vicgeorgethegreenie-deactivated asked: hey you should use hoascreensnaps for some of your photos! they have great Quality snaps c:

I do, actually! That blog is very helpful! Of course, I edit them a whole lot.